Testimonials for Ukulele Bootcamp

Peace, Love, and Ukulele

"Brian's workshop was fantastic! My daughter and I took it together, now we can't stop playing. Easy to follow and great teaching - looking forward to the next one!" ~ Kim A.

"Brian Schwartz is a wonderful teacher. He gave us a whole lot of information, he is low key, and the class was a lot of fun. I highly recommend him!" ~ K.W.

"I came to bootcamp unsure if my old fingers could play the uke. Brian's course helped me be confident and successful and able to play. I enjoyed playing and learning so much. He was patient and made the class relaxing and fun. I'm motivated to continue." ~ Sandy

"My daughter (she's 10) and I just completed Brian's Ukulele Bootcamp course at Cuesta College. It was a wonderful experience! We learned very practical fundamental skills and were quickly playing and singing songs well before the course was over. We will definitely take more classes from Brian in the future, and bring the rest of the family along next time!" ~ N. Manning

"This class was great! I was able to learn a lot about how to play the chords, what really helped me was Brian (the instructor) called out the chords which made it easy for me to make sure my fingers were in the correct position. A beginner will get a lot of knowledge from this class." ~ Tami Boyd

"I am an 'advanced' beginner and wasn't sure bootcamp would be for me. What a great surprise. Plenty to learn and share and playtime! Great resources and meet up opportunities." ~ MB

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