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I learned to play guitar before I could drive. But it wasn't until 2010 when my Mom picked up the ukulele and started to enjoy an instrument for the first time in her life. Inspired, I bought my first ukulele and instantly fell in love with new version of songs I had played for years on the guitar, but now was playing with an entirely new sound. What's best is now I get to attend ukulele festivals with my mom every year.

What's kept me playing is an amazing community of ukulele players and several monthly play alongs held here on the central coast. I have no data to back up my claim, but I truly believe that the number of ukulele players per capita is one of the highest anywhere (next to Hawaii).

I love to teach and when several of my friends started asking me to teach them, I suggested we offer a class at the local community college. That first class in 2016 quickly sold old and we've been filling it up ever since. It feels good to do something outside my regular job that brings smiles to so many faces.

Uke 'on and be kind,

Bio (for schools)

Instructor Brian Schwartz is the author of The Ukulele Playbook (currently in it's 7th edition) and has been the ukulele music teacher at Cuesta College since 2016. Brian teaches also teaches a bootcamp in Paso Robles (offered through Paso Robles Rec) and to homeschool students around the state for Inspire. He leads a 12-student ukulele 'after school' ensemble in Morro Bay for the Infinite Music Foundation. He's also taught for the San Luis Obispo Classical Academy. Since 2016, he has taught more than 300 students including many who never picked up an instrument before (as well as a few 90+ year olds!). His mantra is to 'Be Kind & Have Fun' and it's his patience that makes him the ideal teacher. All students who attend his live workshops also receive access to 8+ weeks of online lessons via UkuleleSongbook.com!

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