Ukulele Bootcamp Prep Class

Welcome packet (important pre-class information)

I look forward to seeing you in class!

If you do not yet have a ukulele, please contact me in advance!

If you need to contact the Cuesta registration office, the number is (805) 546-3132.

~ Brian

Will you learn to play the ukulele? Yes! What makes it possible is The Ukulele Playbook which I've refined over the last 3 years with over 300 students! It contains 8 weeks of online lessons so you can practice long after class. In the 4-weeks we'll be together at Cuesta, you will be familiar enough with everything you need to know and can then proceed through the 8 weeks of lessons at your own pace. Rest assured, you will have unlimited access to all 8 weeks of lessons after we are done with class.

I know you will find tremendous value in the workbook (playbook). Just remember the $20 material fee on Tuesday. Cash, Check, or Venmo will be accepted. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please do so here before class.


Parking permits are required ($3) (if you did not already add a parking pass option at registration). Here's a map of where you can buy your daily pass (all the P's are where you can purchase passes):

Remember to leave some extra time to get your pass before class.


As alumni, I will automatically add you to my 'song-of-the-month' email where I send out a new song every month (you can opt out anytime), but if you are on Facebook, I recommend you join the Ukulele 101 Facebook group for more news, tips, more lessons, and uke-related events.

Pre-Tuning your ukulele is important!

New or old strings on a ukulele tend to go out of tune frequently until they are stretched out. The best thing you can do to prepare for class is to tune your Ukulele often. Several times a day if possible. If it's a brand new uke, tune it up as often as you can.

Here is more guidance on tuning if you need it.

There's also a tuning video on YouTube to help you tune up:

30 minute beginner lesson

I highly recommend you take this introductory 30 minute lesson. It covers far more basic material than I will and I can tell a big difference between those who took it and those who didn't during class.

In this lesson, you will learn:

Optional Learning Tools used in the video:

Questions? Comments?